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Reinstallation Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10 and Linux (if operative system so damaged what treatment inexpediently) with saving All documents. fixed price $129
Recovering of the data files from any drive (USB drive, HDD, etc) – deleted, with bad sectors, after formatting the drive or incorrect unplugged USB drive from computer. Fixed price: $144 if volume of drive up to 500 Gb; $194 for drive with capacity more than 500 Gb.
New installation Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10 and Linux included all necessary programs for your needs $77 per hour
Installation custom`s software of customer, consulting of customer of any issues or questions at onsite. $77 per hour
Resolving issues like “black screen”, “blue screen”, regular unexpected restarting of operating system $77 per hour
Resolving issues with slow starting or slow working of computer, removing of viruses and malware programs, removing of pop up windows. $77 per hour
Detecting and replacement of malfunction parts, including installation of new driver(s) for every replacement item. $77 per hour
Wired and wireless network installation and configuration. Replacement of wireless equipment. $77 per hour
Installation, configuration and replacement of any extended equipment (printer, scanner, MFP, photo camera, video camera and etc). $77 per hour
Diagnosis of functionality of computer`s components or laptop`s parts (RAM, HDD, graphic card, motherboard, etc). $77 per item

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12 Lemnos Street
Red Hill QLD 4059
Phone: 07 3157 7216
Mailto: info@tqgservice.com.au
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