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Terms and Conditions

TQG IT service – Terms and Conditions:

The document contains are terms of agreement between you the client and “T-Quality Group Pty Ltd” (registered trade mark as “TQG IT service”.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions then we are unfortunately not able to provide our services to you.

Limited Liability

The client must accept there are risks associated with the repair or any IT service.  Risks could result in damage to your property.  It could also mean the loss or corruption of data.  Our clients must accept that TQG IT service is not liable for such damage or loss.

In the event of unintentional damage to components, peripherals, the screen or any other equipment regarding a client’s computer we will whenever possible replace the damaged component/equipment.  However it may be replaced by a second hand part.  This depends upon the cost of the replacement part and/or equipment and the value of your property.

TQG IT service strongly encourage that if possible a client should do a full backup of data and system prior to any repair or IT service being provided by us.

Confidentiality and Privacy

The confidentiality and privacy of your information is outlined in our Privacy Policy.


Payment is due in full upon completion of the agreed services.  Payment is required prior to the release of the client’s property.


Any computer components purchased and installed on a client’s behalf are covered by the manufacturers or sellers warranty.  They are not covered by a warranty with TQG IT service.

In most cases with a component failing under warranty and it is a repair job that we have previously undertaken, TQG IT service will supply labour to reinstall the part for no additional charge.

We provide a 3 month warranty on our labour for general repairs and IT services.  We provide a 6 month warranty on our labour for any new computer builds that we do for clients.

Any changes or modifications made by the client during the warranty period that results in errors or damage to the services provided by TQG IT service will avoid the warranty.

Malware Removal

It is very difficult to provide a warranty of this type of service as whilst a machine may leave our office clean of all malware, the client’s computer may later once again become infected either with the same malware or a new type of malware.

Should this occur we reserve the right to the determination of whether the malware infection occurred after a successful malware removal service or our malware removal services was not 100% successful.  If we determine the error was on our part we will undertake a second malware removal service at no additional cost.


If necessary the client authorised TQG IT service staff and contractors to receive and transport your machine to a repair destination.

Services and Pricing

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service will always endeavour to maintain that services and pricing are up-to-date on our website.  Pricing and services advertised elsewhere on the internet may be out-of-date.  The prices and services as stated on our website shall override any other advertised price.

Our Website, Copyright and Usage of Material

All content on this website is the property of and copyrighted by TQG IT service.  Any reproduction, modification, republication or distribution of the content of this website is strictly prohibited.

Any information provided on this website should not be taken as fact or 100% accurate.  TQG IT service endeavour to provide useful and accurate information to our clients.  However we will not be held liable should the information be incorrect or out-of-date.

TQG IT service also endeavour not to infringe any copyright of another other business or organisation.

Data Backup

TQG IT service will only backup your data if the service specifically requires this or the client requests this service.  In undertaking a backup we will endeavour to copy all files and data possible.  We will not be liable for failure to copy data that is located in an obscure location.  It is the responsibility of the Client to inform us should files and folders be located in an unusual location on the hard drive.

TQG IT service only backup user files and folders.  The backup does not include programs beyond the standard operation system.  Any addition programs will need to be re-installed by the client.  We can install your other programs, but it will be for an additional charge.

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