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How to protect your computer?

Two different kinds of antivirus programs exist on market. There are free antivirus and antivirus for regular payment. What is critical different between their? Is it possible to use free software and be sure in safety of the own computer? This question has alarmed every user worked in Internet.

I try to treat this problem thoroughly. We have two cases. First case is when company manufacturer produce only one version of antivirus is antivirus for regular payment. Customer must pay for fixed period of protection from viruses and malware programs. In this case manufacturer provide full defence of your computer from every threat included computer, web surfing, e-mail, protection from hackers, parental control, protection of your payments.

So manufacturer give you some additional functions like storage in cloud, automatically backup your personal information, technical support, etc. In second case manufacturer produce with full version second version of antivirus software for free. Version for free included only essential parts of required by payment version such computer, web surfing, e-mail. In my opinion these three defence instrument most impotent and strictly necessary for every user.

Another offers of antivirus` manufacturer user can use by third-party company with better quality and for free. For example cloud storage with volume of 50 GB provided MEGA for free. Protection of you payment provided financial organisation, probably you notice green padlock next name of site at every bank pages. Web sites received sensitive information of customers used secure connection that prevent leaks any details of you or your paying card. So in many cases required to pay antivirus provide services which you can use by other sources if you need it.

But exist opinion what free antivirus has worse algorithm of analysing potential threat. This opinion have right to live, but different algorithms has different provider of services not depending free or not it, because in different company work different teams of programmers. However if company has both services so using two different engines is inexpedience.

If company provide free version of antivirus so manufacturer did it in advertising purpose in the hope of to get rewards from users in future, in hope what some users of free version will buy full product in future. Of course I don`t say what free antivirus better than required to pay, but I try to explain how much different between it. And user can think need he/she to pay for additional services or not.

This tip related to home user who don`t have extremely sensitive data at your computer. So you must remember that against newest viruses every antivirus powerless. If antivirus don`t know specific virus so it don`t recognise it as threat. Last virus attack of WannaCry infected more than 300 000 computers around a world. There were not only home computers but huge of corporative computers defended by world top expensive antivirus.

For safe work more important for user to do up to date your operative system, keep base of viruses for antivirus in actual status, don`t ignore any warnings of your installed antivirus and be careful with e-mails from unknown senders. Never open attachment of e-mail from unknown senders.

According the foregoing you can make own decision which antivirus to use for defending own computer depend of own beliefs.

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